Getting the most out of your sewing machine

In an era where precision is paramount for achieving that polished, professional finish in sewing, your equipment must be up to the task. To assist you in attaining this level of precision, Marsh Sewing Machine Services, located in Moreton-in-Marsh, has curated a collection of valuable hints and tips for your benefit.

Domestic sewing Machine Servicing and Repair

Sewing machines are renowned for their reliability, capable of providing years of trouble-free performance. Nonetheless, the accumulation of fluff, thread, debris, and insufficient lubrication can gradually disrupt crucial machine settings, leading them out of alignment over time.

Recognising that each customer may encounter unique challenges with their machines, we cater to all makes and models and provide a comprehensive selection of services and solutions.

Inspect Your Needle – May I Be straight with You?

In our workshop, we often receive machines that appear to have timing problems, only to discover that the issue stems from a bent needle. This is why, as a standard practice, we begin every repair or service by installing a new needle for testing before commencing any work. Even a slight bend in the needle can result in an annoying “pinging” noise and disrupt the stitching process.

Clean Your Machine – Don’t Fluff It Up

Lint can become entangled within the sewing machine’s mechanisms while you sew. This can impact your machine’s performance, even if you’re not always aware of it, and it can also affect the noise level.

Additionally, safeguarding your machine from dust is essential. Many machines come with a slipcover or case when purchased, but if you lack one, creating a simple cover is a feasible solution.

Maintaining your machine in good condition might also save you a trip to our workshop.

General Service & Repairs

Overlocker Service & Repair

Cover Stitch Machine Service & Repair

Lockstitch Service & Repair

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Would highly recommend, would not go anywhere else. Andy is so knowledgeable with fantastic communication skills.

Sarah Pye

I wound like to thank Andy for his quick response and help to me and my machine. He is very helpful, knowledgeable and would recommend his services to anyone looking at getting their sewing machine serviced or repaired.

Jennifer Dirkin

Excellent, efficient service and communication. Fixed my wife’s Brother where others had consistently failed

Keith W