Industrial Sewing Machine Servicing & Repair

At Marsh Sewing Machine Services in Moreton-in-Marsh we know what we are talking about with your industrial sewing machine, we can service or repair at your premises.

Industrial Sewing Machine Servicing & Repair

We recognize the crucial role your machine plays in your business operations. As the textile industry in the UK has experienced a decline, the availability of skilled industrial sewing machine technicians has dwindled over the years, making it increasingly challenging to find a reliable local engineer.

We excel in resolving common issues, from needle breakages to stitch irregularities, across a range of machines including lockstitch, overlockers, and cover stitch models.

Serving a 40-mile radius from Moreton-In-Marsh, our repair services are flexible. We can either dispatch our technicians to your factory premises for on-site repairs or you can opt to bring your machinery to our fully-equipped workshop, where we possess all the necessary technical equipment to carry out the repairs effectively.

Marsh Sewing Machine Services provides top-notch sewing machine repair and maintenance solutions for all your sewing needs:

Marsh Sewing Machine Services, based in the heart of Moreton-in-Marsh at 4b Fosseway Business Park, GL56 9NQ, is your trusted partner for all things related to sewing machine repair and maintenance. With a commitment to excellence, we understand the vital role sewing machines play in both domestic and industrial settings. As the textile industry landscape changes, our skilled technicians stand ready to address your sewing machine woes promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s a one-time repair or an ongoing contract, we ensure that our work is performed to the highest standards, backed by our vast inventory of spare parts. Our goal is simple: to have your machinery up and running in as little as 48 hours. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your sewing machine needs, and experience top-tier service that you can rely on.
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Our satisfied customers are our best advocates, and their glowing testimonials speak volumes about the quality of our service

Would highly recommend, would not go anywhere else. Andy is so knowledgeable with fantastic communication skills.

Sarah Pye

I wound like to thank Andy for his quick response and help to me and my machine. He is very helpful, knowledgeable and would recommend his services to anyone looking at getting their sewing machine serviced or repaired.

Jennifer Dirkin

Excellent, efficient service and communication. Fixed my wife’s Brother where others had consistently failed

Keith W